“For some a museum, for some an oasis”

Museum audience development strategies: the case of the Städel Museum of Frankfurt

Data pubblicazione: 
Febbraio 2010
Nicoletta Gazzeri

The arrival of the new Director, Max Hollein, at the Städel Museum of Frankfurt in 2006, according to many people has deeply changed the profile and managerial politics of the Institute, boosting a renewal especially of the choices concerning the museum’s image and its cultural and educational activities. Today the visitor’s perception, once entered into one of the most famous and esteemed museum in Germany, is that of a dynamic institution that is on the forefront of planning and production skills.

The three meetings I had with the Heads of the Marketing, the P.R. and the Educational Departments on April 24th, 2008, gave me the chance to draw a picture of the new guidelines chosen for the activity of the last years:
1. integration of the marketing, communication and fund-raising politics of the Städel Museum, Liebieg Haus and Shirn Kunsthalle
2. total revision of the profile of the Städel Museum’s image and marketing strategies
3. a firm policy of strengthening the cultural offer addressed to different audiences and of the outreach, according to a coherent strategy.

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